Firan Technology Group Corporation (“FTG”) Expands Relationship With Rockwell Collins


Firan Technology Group Corporation (“FTG”) Expands Relationship With Rockwell Collins

Toronto, November 7, 2006 – FTG Aerospace, a division of Firan Technology Group (“FTG”), has announced they have signed a new three year Enterprise Sourcing Agreement with Rockwell Collins for the supply of complex high reliability illuminated cockpit control panels, bezels, and keyboards for the aerospace military and commercial markets.

The forecasted value of the agreement is over $5.8M USD, a substantial increase in business over the previous contract. FTG was successful in maintaining all incumbent business in addition to capturing new products on existing high profile programs.

“We are grateful for the trust and confidence Rockwell Collins has shown in FTG Aerospace”s ability to deliver quality products, while adapting to the ever-changing markets and technologies. We look forward to continued growth of our strategic business relationship ensuring long-term success for both organizations”, stated Ian Maknyik, Director of Business Development for the US Mid West Region of FTG.

FTG Aerospace Division has been a supplier to Rockwell Collins since 2003, being awarded preferred supplier status since 2004. In the past year, both Companies have committed hundreds of hours to Lean Manufacturing implementation with the objective of FTG achieving ongoing process improvements and increased ability to support our customers.


FTG is an aerospace and defense electronics product and subsystem supplier to the North American marketplace. FTG has two operating units.

FTG Circuits is a manufacturer of high technology/high reliability printed circuit boards. Our customers are leaders in the aviation, defense, and high technology industries. FTG Circuits has operations in Toronto, Ontario and Chatsworth, California.

FTG Aerospace manufactures illuminated cockpit panels, keyboards and sub-assemblies for original equipment manufacturers of avionics products as well as airframe manufacturers.

The Company’s shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol FTG.

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