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RF Technology:

FTG has been building RF boards for Defense, Space and Aerospace industry for over 20 years. We have been working with low loss materials for over 15 years and offer wide variety of materials.

FTG offers Fusion Bonding, a unique tightly controlled high pressure and temperature process used to laminate RF controlled Teflon multilayer cores without using inter-layer bonding materials (i.e. pre-preg, B-stage, bond ply).

The Dk values of bonding materials differs from the Dk values for Teflon materials used. Fusion Bonding provides a finished product with a homogenous Dk, offering the highest possible performance available, one that is not found in products using the standard, hybrid, or FEP lamination process.

FTG has expanded its manufacturing capabilities for milled pockets and cavities over the years.  We have the capability to manufacture milled pockets and cavities that have full ground planes at the bottom of the pockets. FTG offers pockets and cavities with any desired conductive features with zero pre-preg bleed out or recession along the pocket perimeter.                               

Process Capabilities

  • All immersion final finishes

(ENIG, ENEPIG, Silver, Tin)

  • Solder mask features inside the pockets
  • Controlled line width/spacing tolerance as low as ±0.0005”
  • Zero pre-preg bleed out and recession along the pocket perimeter
  • No pre-preg cutback optimization: first build optimization built in

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