Years Of Leadership

Firan Technology Group (FTG) is a global corporation providing solutions for aerospace and defense electronic products and sub-systems.

For over 35 years, we have been a trusted partner manufacturing high-reliability and complex PCBs and avionic sub-system hardware.

We specialize in manufacturing and designing:

FTG Circuits:

  1. Semi Additive Process (SAP)
  2. HDI
  3. High Temperature Rigid Flex
  4. RF Products
  5. Rigid-Flex & Assembly
  6. Thermal Management

FTG Aerospace:

  1. Aerospace Chassis & Assembly
  2. Backlit Control Panels
  3. Backlit Control Panel Assemblies
  4. Cockpit Lighting Power Supply 
  5. Cursor Control Devices
  6. Integrated Switch Panel ISPs / Keyboards/ Bezels
  7. Line Replaceable Units (LRU) / Cockpit Assemblies

Our commitment to Operational Excellence, commitment to R&D and expanding our value proposition is designed to provide customers with an exceptional experience when dealing with FTG.

What is the reason?

Apart from operational excellence, our partners are familiar with our value proposition. To illustrate, FTG has invested over $35 million in the past five years alone in R&D, technologies, and acquisition to make sure we deliver on our promise.

With over 500 employees and production sites in the US, Canada and China, FTG is well positioned to proudly serve its over 200 customers in diverse markets such as aerospace, space and defense sectors.

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