High Temperature Rigid Flex


FTG has developed a PWB material combination specifically designed to meet the harsh environments of the Aerospace and Defense markets as well as the Oil and Gas Industry

This technology, utilizing flexible circuit materials offers a boarder range of operating temperatures for extended hours as well as reduced size and weight


  • Rigid or Rigid-flex multi-layer substrate
  • Higher PTH reliability
  • High temp and vibration resistant material construction
    • Operates up to 260°C
    • Flex to install
  • Through-hole and SMT compatible
    • Low profile Micro-D connectors
    • Through-hole stability
  • Reduced need for interconnecting hardware
    • Increases reliability
    • Decreases weight and volume over other interconnect packaging
    • Unique form factors
  • Thin core substrate materials
    • Copper thickness ½ OZ, 1 OZ, or 2 OZ
FTG Circuits High Temperature Rigid Flex
FTG Circuits High Temperature Rigid Flex

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