About FTG Aerospace

About FTG Aerospace

FTG Aerospace is an operating unit of FTG Corporation that comprises of divisions focused on the design and production of Human-machine-interface (HMI) flight deck products.  With production sites located in Toronto ON, Chatsworth CA, Fort Worth TX, and Tianjin PRC.  FTG Aerospace is pleased to support our customers in the design, manufacturing and testing of high reliability, high quality illuminated switch panels, keyboards, MCDUs, bezels and LRU assemblies for flight and simulated applications.   

  • General:
    • FTG standardized operating system
    • Paradigm ERP system to facilitate production control
    • Mechanical, electrical, optical design and development
    • 30+ engineering staff (mechanical, process, software, HMI, systems and electrical)
    • 22 lighting and balancing booths
    • In-house CNC machining
    • Optical, functional and environmental testing
    • ARP4574A Product development process
  • Technology:
    • Incandescent, LED, Electroluminescent (EL) lamps
    • Full range of colour filtering
    • Night vision compatible (NVIS) filtering
    • Integrated control electronics
  • Products:
    • Control panels and control panel assemblies
    • Keyboards, Bezels and Integrated Switch Panels
    • MCDUs
    • Trackball assemblies
    • Box level assemblies
    • Simulator products
    • Programmable power supply

  • Engineering:
    • Solidworks/Solidcam mechanical design tools
    • PADS electronic design tools
    • Software development tools
    • Product life cycle analysis and support
  • Services:
    • Assigned and dedicated sales and customer service
    • Full engineering support through product development
    • AOG, QTA and a variety of supply replenishment strategies including VMI, Kanban and Long-term agreement oriented
    • Training and product seminars
    • Aftermarket and product support
  • Production Equipment/Processing:
    • ERP system
    • CNC milling machines
    • IPC certified soldering
    • CNC controlled laser etching
    • Environmentally controlled paint booths
    • IQ CAM assisted light balancing
    • Luminance and chromaticity measuring equipment
    • ESD controlled assembly areas
    • Low to high volume production
    • System integration
    • Accredited MRO services
  • Certifications
    • ISO9001
    • AS9100
    • MIL DTL 7788 (DLA certified for North American sites)
    • Canadian Goods Program (Canada)
    • ITAR registered (USA)
    • Technical Standard Orders
    • TC/FAA approved manufacturing

FTG Aerospace Products

FTG Aerospace Chassis and Assembly

Aerospace Chassis & Assembly

FTG Aerospace Backlit Control Panels

Backlit Control Panels

Control Panel Assembly Suite

Backlit Control Panel Assemblies

FTG Aerospace Cockpit Lighting Power Supply

Cockpit Lighting Power Supply

FTG Aerospace Cursor Control Devices (CCD’s)

Cursor Controlled Device

Line Replacement Units

Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)

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