Cockpit Lighting Power Supply


The FTG Lighting Power Supply (LPS) provides power for integrally illuminated cockpit panels, keyboards, and instrument lighting. The LPS has 40 outputs, 25 of the outputs are adjustable from 0 to 28VDC and 15 for 0 to 5VDC. Based on the position of the dimming potentiometer, the outputs follow a programmed dimming curve held in non-volatile memory. A separate table of 256 entries is used for each of the outputs, allowing for individual tailoring of dimming curves. The non-volatile memory is accessible via the maintenance port. A fault output is used to indicate any LPS fault to the aircraft. The fault table is maintained in the LPS to log all faults.



  • Input Power – 28VDC @ 14A max. per MIL-STD-704F
  • Input Power Connector – D38999/20JD5PN
  • Programming/Maintenance – RS-422
  • Individually Programmable Lighting

    • 15X0-5VDC@200mA
    • o 25×0-28VDC@500mA
  • Programming/Maintenance / Lighting Output Connector – D38999/20JF35SN
  • Dimming Control – 10 K ohm, 0.5 W, linear taper potentiometer

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions–8”Wx3”Hx3.5”D (including connectors)
  • Weight – less than 2.2 lbs


  • MTBF – > 20,000 hrs predicted per MIL-HDBK-217F for airborne rotary wing at an ambient of 55°C
  • Built-In-Test (BIT) – Power On (PBIT) and Continuous (CBIT)


  • Environmental – DO-160D
  • Software – DO-178B, Level D
  • Quality – AS9100C

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