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High-End PCB Manufacturing and Avionics Sub-system Hardware Technology Since 1983

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Firan Technology Group – Global Operations

FTG is a global corporation offering design, development, prototypes and manufacturing solutions for aerospace and defense electronic products and subsystems.

With its technological strength and financial stability, FTG offers innovative engineered solutions, diverse manufacturing capabilities and product life-cycle support through its facilities in the United States, Canada and China.

FTG’s focus is on technology-driven solutions, market leadership and Operational Excellence. Operating under the FTG corporate banner, the company has two operating units: FTG Circuits and FTG Aerospace.

FTG Aerospace

FTG Circuits

FTG Circuits is a manufacturer of high-technology, high-reliability printed circuit boards standard rigid products, High-density interconnect (HDI), RF circuitry, Thermal management, Rigid flex and assembly. FTG produces boards utilizing traditional PCB manufacturing processes and a licensed Averatek’s A-SAPTM Semi-additive process. FTG Circuits customers are in the aviation, defense and space industries.

FTG Circuits

FTG Aerospace

FTG Aerospace designs and manufactures high-reliability, high-quality Avionic sub-system hardware including; backlit control panels and assembly, integrated switch panels, MCDU keyboards, primary display bezels, cursor control devices and advanced control panel assembly LRUs.  The Division’s products are utilized in flight and simulated devices in commercial aero and defense platforms.

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