FTG Strategic Framework

Firan Technology Group Strategic Framework


People working together around-the-world to be “Partners in Performance” to the Aerospace and Defense Electronics Industry.


FTG is a global Aerospace and Defence Electronics manufacturing business that:

  • Invests in its people, processes and tools
  • Inspires through common goals, communication, and teamwork
  • Continuously improves its key business metrics
  • Exceeds the expectations of its customers, employees and shareholders.


Customer Focus – We promote a customer-centric culture, committed to creating customer value.  We partner together to solve our customers problems, and deliver quality products and services that delight our customers and they actively recommend them.

Employee Focus – We treat our people with respect and dignity.  We welcome diversity and diverse opinions and ideas.  We openly exchange relevant knowledge and wisdom with our colleagues.  We routinely look for ways to help our colleagues.  We collaborate with our colleagues to improve skills and behaviours.  We are committed to teamwork and collaboration and providing a healthy and safe working environment for all our people.  We work to communicate completely and effectively with our colleagues and listen carefully to our colleagues to make sure we understand them.

Excellence – We strive for Excellence by applying best in class practices in leadership, strategic planning, customer and employee focus, operational excellence and business results.  We are accountable for our behaviours, actions, and outcomes.  We all own the success of the team and take personal responsibility for delivering great results.

Integrity, Trust & Ethics – We take pride and hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards in all we say and do.  Our behaviour, actions and communications are direct, honest and transparent.

Innovate & Improve – We innovate to drive growth and continuously improve everything we do.  We stress quality, productivity, growth, best practices and measurement.  We move with creativity, speed, agility and embrace change.  We have the courage to take risks and grow by learning from our successes and failures.

Willing To Learn – We are open to new ideas and alternative ways of doing things.   We accept constructive criticism without becoming defensive.  We understand that we don’t know everything and that we can continue to learn new things every day.  We work synergistically with our colleagues using new ideas that we develop together.

FTG Strategic Framework

Firan Technology Group  – Strategic Goals

Be a leader in Aerospace and Defence Electronics

  • Act as one companyFTG Aerospace Chassis and Assembly
  • Be a market leader in areas we participate

Achieve Operational Excellence

  • Build the best team at all levels
  • Act as one team

Be best in the world at Key Success Factors

  • Delivery
  • Quality
  • Customer Service and;
  • Technology

Be data-driven in all decision making Firan Technology Group

Firan Technology Group  – Investing and Delivering Value

Value Proposition

FTG Aerospace Backlit Control Panels

Wide Product Offering

  • Support customer’s complete needs

Technology and Quality Leadership

  • Invest in product and process development

Reliability Leadership

  • Understand reliability drivers

Operational Excellence

  • Best-in-class quality and delivery

Financial Strength

  • Profitability driving growth and investment

Geographic Coverage

  • Local presence
  • Offset capabilities
  • Export control compliance
  • Low-cost country solutions

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