Why Invest In FTG

Why Invest With Us

FTG is a Canadian technology leader and publicly-traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange that is listed as “FTG.”

Our core business is the printed circuit board, which is the primary platform where computer chips are mounted. 

However, printed circuits vary in both sophistication and complexity, depending on the function. For example, defence and telecommunication applications require precise and custom specifications, which are more intricate than your average desktop computer.  

More than 70% of our revenues are sourced from such sophisticated printed circuits. We specialize in manufacturing bespoke circuits for the defence and telecommunication sector. We also design and deliver components that are customized to the needs of the client. 

The company is well-positioned to achieve its goal of becoming the dominant player in the PCB industry, which is currently valued at $8-9 billion in annual sales in North America alone. 

Presently, about 75% of our total sales are generated from the United States, derived mainly from OEM and sub-contract segments. 

But we are far from being satisfied.

With each success, we could not help but move our goalposts. The following are some items on our wish list:

  • 15% annual compounded growth
  • Double our growth every five years through organic growth and acquisition
  • Debt to EBITDA ratio below 1:1

Indeed, those are lofty goals. But we have no doubts we could achieve it by sticking to our philosophy of delivering and utilizing operational excellence at the core of our strategy.

FTG is always open to exploring new markets, in line with our vision to be “partners in performance” with leading and emerging companies in the aerospace and defence electronics industries. And perhaps you are the investor we are looking for to make that happen.