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High Density Interconnects (HDI)

Demand for higher functionality requirement by newer generation of components and semiconductor packages has been increasing multi fold over last few years. Conventional Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) had reached their limits and could not provide performance without adding layers and weights to the PCB. This resulted in development of High Density Interconnect (HDI) solution.

HDI PCB make use of Micro Vias to replace fair amount of through vias thereby opening up space for complex routing. HDI can have multiple layers of microvias depending upon the I/O requirement in a PCB. These micro vias could be anywhere from 50µm (0.002”) to as high as 200µm (0.008”) and are normally filled with plated copper. This allows designers to reduce number of layers and/or size of PCB at the same time obtaining very high performances from the PCB.

Over the years FTG has successfully developed and reliability tested process capabilities for:

  • Single layer microvias – L1 to L2 & N to N-1 
  • Stacked Microvia – up to 4 stacks (Keeping in mind our customers demand for high reliability. FTG does not recommend stacking of microvias on buried vias)
  • Any Layer Micro via – where all layers are connected using microvias. This allows designers to design highly complex PCBs required for large pin count devices.

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