Firan Technology Group Completes Agreement With Smiths Aerospace


Firan Technology Group Completes Agreement With Smiths Aerospace

Toronto, August 31, 2005 – Firan Technology Group Corporation today announced that its Circuits Division in Chatsworth, California has entered into an agreement with Smiths Aerospace for the supply of complex, high reliability printed circuit boards for Smiths’ US operations.

FTG Circuits Chatsworth has been a supplier to Smiths for more than 12 years. FTG Circuits Chatsworth supplies Smiths a wide range of printed circuit boards built with some of the most advanced materials and incorporating complex features such as metal cores for heat dissipation and blind or buried vias to increase the density of the product and reduce its size.

Smiths has historically ordered $1.0M to $2.0 M USD annually from FTG Circuits Chatsworth and this level of sales is expected to continue under the new agreement. This revenue is spread across approximately 100 different part numbers.

“We appreciate the trust Smiths has in our products and performance”, stated Tim Snodgrass, President, FTG Circuits Chatsworth, “and we look forward to continuing to support Smiths’ business success under this new agreement”.

“Beyond this activity, FTG also provides Smiths Aerospace printed circuit boards from our Circuits Division in Toronto and illuminated cockpit products from our Aerospace business”, noted Brad Bourne President and CEO, Firan Technology Group Corporation. “This wide range of activity between the two companies is a clear demonstration of the depth of relationship between us.”