FTG Announces Hiring of Chris Woodland as VP and GM of FTG Aerospace, Toronto Division


FTG Announces Hiring of Chris Woodland as VP and GM of FTG Aerospace, Toronto Division

Toronto, September 10, 2012 – Firan Technology Group Corporation (TSX:FTG) today announced the hiring of Chris Woodland as Vice President and General Manager of FTG Aerospace, Toronto Division.

In our continuing effort to build the best possible team, we are pleased to announce the hiring of Chris Woodland as Vice President and General Manager of FTG Aerospace, Toronto Division, effective September 6, 2012.

“We are very fortunate to have someone with Chris’ background and work experiences join our team”, stated Brad Bourne, President and Chief Executive Officer. He added, “Chris and I have worked together previously and I know his strong customer focus as well as his focus on results will fit well with our strategic vision towards achieving Operational Excellence”.

Chris has worked at the Robotics Division of MDA Space Missions (formerly Spar Aerospace) for approximately 30 years. His most recent position was a Vice President of Programs where he was responsible for managing major Canadian space programs such as the Canadarm for the Shuttle, Canadarm2 and Dextre for Space Station as well as related robotic programs for medical, nuclear, science and planetary exploration.

Chris will assume full responsibility for the performance of the Aerospace Division in Toronto.


FTG is an aerospace and defense electronics product and subsystem supplier to customers around the globe. FTG has two operating units:

FTG Circuits is a manufacturer of high technology, high reliability printed circuit boards. Our customers are leaders in the aviation, defense, and high technology industries. FTG Circuits has operations in Toronto, Ontario and Chatsworth, California.

FTG Aerospace manufactures illuminated cockpit panels, keyboards and sub-assemblies for original equipment manufacturers of aerospace and defense equipment. FTG Aerospace has operations in Toronto, Ontario, Chatsworth, California and Tianjin, China.

The Corporation’s shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol FTG.


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